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Tenrent works hard at improving your legal processses to make your work effortless.

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Your work is complicated, but if we exchange ideas while focusing on the problem, we can make it simpler.

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Because what saves you time saves you money.

Let's Find A Better Way to Do it!

We are Tenrent Limited, a Kenyan company registered under Kenyan laws. Tenrent was formed to respond to the pertinent legal challenges facing the renting and leasing business. Specifically, we aim to obliterate incidences of injustice in the sector by engaging stakeholders and inventing new methods of solving the problem. This means building strong, long-term working relationships with Estate Agents, The Judiciary, and other players in the industry.

Currently, the company offers an alternative way for estate agents, landlords, and tenants to work around the problems posed by rental tribunals as they resolve disputes between them. It does this by offering subsidized mediation and arbitration. In the near future, Tenrent Limited aims to advocate for an amendment of the laws governing the tenancy industry to reflect the changing practice environment.

Tenrent Limited is funded by The Hague Institute for the Innovation of Law (HiiL), which is a global social enterprise devoted to creating justice systems that are easy to access, easy to understand, and effective. HiiL was set up in 2005, and adopted Tenrent Limited for acceleration in 2019


To promote justice in the renting and leasing business for realtors, landlords, and tenants.


We aspire to build a country where renting and leasing is efficient and predictable.

Core Values
  1. Fair : Because essentially, what is just is also fair.
  2. Simple : Simple is beautiful; simple is best.
  3. Friendly: Your work is already challenging, so we must make it pleasant for you.
  4. Fast : Because time is a limited and extreemly valuable resource."


EASY LIKE 1-2-3!
  1. Register.
  2. Form a new contract with your client.
  3. Refer any issues between you for a quick, enforceable resolution!
  4. Attend our seminars to network with your peers, share your ideas, and engage with the experts.