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Tenancy will: cover the Alternative Dispute Resolution, Draft Contracts for you and provide you with Corporate Legal Advice.

Are your tenancy agreements aligned with the Kenyan Law?

Contracts from Google may have been drafted for other countries. Acquire a fully Kenyan compliant agreement here.

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Welcome to Tenrent Limited

The renting and leasing business affects the livelihood of most Kenyans, so it can be complicated. Some tenants are not dependable, while some landlords or estate agents resort to illegal means to enforce their rights.

For that reason, parties must have a clear tenancy agreement. A simple and comprehensive agrement eliminates the occurence of risks by up to 90 percent. Besides, dispute resolution channels must be favorable for both parties by consuming less time and by being affordable.

At this Tenancy Organization, we provide alternative means of resolving tenancy matters. Currently, parties can use the Rental Tribunal, but people who have been through it know how innefficient it can be. We offer a platform for lawyers, arbitrators, and mediators to resolve these issues at PREDETERMINED BUT AFFORDABLE RATES.

Our mediators or arbitrators charge 5,000 shillings, and strive to resolve the dispute within the hour.

As a landlord, you must protect your property interests within the law. Signing up guarantees you that privilege. As a tenant, you are entitled to the protection of the law, and basing your tenancy on an agreement with us guarantees you that right.


To simplify rental contracts, to promote fairness, understanding and rule of law, and to eliminate losses in tenancy relationships.


We want to build a country where rental relationships are governed by the rule of the law, not the law of the jungle.

Core Values
  1. Efficiency: We deliver what we promise.
  2. Simplicity: Our systems are intuitive, our procedures clear, and our contracts easy to understand.
  3. Friendliness: We strive to build and improve the existing relationships between you and your clients.
  4. Customer focus: Our clients deserve our best.
  5. Environmentally conscious: We provide green solutions that protect our environment, such as cutting back on paper use, and planting a tree for every client.


  1. Register.
  2. Access professionally-drafted tenancy contracts that have a dispute resolution clause.
  3. Refer disputes for a quick, judicially enforceable resolution.
  4. Screen potentially problematic tenants.
  5. Ask for legal advice on tenancy issues.

"Meet a justice innovation that provides people with online, easy to understand tenancy agreements with a build in mediation recourse from #Kenya"