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We are Tenrent Limited, a Kenyan company registered under Kenyan laws. Tenrent exists to prevent and resolve legal challenges facing the renting and leasing business. Specifically, we aim to obliterate injustice in the sector by engaging stakeholders and innovating new approaches to solving problems. This means building long-term working relationships with Estate Agents, The Judiciary, and other players in the industry.

About Us

Tenrent Limited is supported by The Hague Institute for the Innovation of Law (HiiL), which is a global social enterprise devoted to creating justice systems that are easy to access, easy to understand, and effective. HiiL was set up in 2005, and adopted Tenrent Limited for acceleration in 2019.

About Us

We are on a mission to streamline the tenancy sector by bringing stakeholders together. We work with experts and collaborate with core institutions, such as EARB, to promote the best interests of parties. Will you join us in this initiative? Sign up, or call us today to learn more. 

Our Services

Rental Contracts

Rental Contracts

Our NINE different but essential rental contracts are simple enough for non-lawyers to understand; thus, are twice as effective.

Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

We bring databases of different property managers together securely and privately to help them verify the renting history of their tenants. This way, property owners and managers are assured of the integrity of their clients.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Amicable Settlements

We work with accredited and chartered mediators and arbitrators in the properties field to help our users resolve challenges with landlords, tenants, or realtors. This is done privately and amicably to protect the relationship between parties.

how to use

The point for our existence is to create a better, structured, and revolutionary approach to tenancy matters. Our services are easy to use. It is 1-2-3 and go!

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Form a new automated contract by filling in required fields for client details.

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In case of challenges in your tenancy relationship, refer it to the experts for a quick, out-of-court resolution,

3. Refer an issue

Network with your peers in the industry and learn from the experts about changes in the tenancy sector.

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Why Choose Us

Operational Excellence

Know this about us: we would not exist if we offered anything less than efficiency and professionalism. 

Continuous Improvement

We are in an innovation journey to meet the needs of a changing world. 

Innovative Solutions

We look with different eyes, try novel ways, test them out, and repeat until the problem is solved.

Certified Experts

We work with the most qualified people, with centuries of combined industry experience. 

Targeting and Positioning

Here is the truth: once it enters our to-do list, it is as good as done. 

Personal Approach

We aim to develop solutions that are unique to your legal challenges. 

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What people say

"Meet Tenrent Limited - a justice innovation initiative that provides people with online, easy to understand tenancy agreements with a built in mediation recourse from #Kenya." - The Hague's Institute for the Innovation of Law (HiiL)


A diverse team is best, and that is our key strength. The team behind the tenancy technology is mostly University of Nairobi alumni, many of whom met at the School of Law in Parklands and the School of Business in Lower Kabete. We also boast a competent software engineer who is the brain behind our intuitive application of technology. 

Our team is competent, passionate, and dedicated to promoting good business in the tenancy sector. We boast awards from local and internationally organizations on issues such as impacting lives, promoting good governance, championing human rights, and creating businesses that impact society. 

"It is every man's business to see justice done."

-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your contracts generic?

Our residential tenancy agreement is relatively short and comprehensive. We have covered issues raised by many realtors that we have deal with in the past. However, our lawyers will be happy to modify the agreement as desired on request. 

What are the advantages?

We have three core advantages:

1. By-pass tribunals: Working with us obliterates the inefficiencies caused by rental tribunals for you. Our agreements have a dispute resolution clause that limit's a tribunal's handling of any matter under the contract until the parties have exhausted all amicable alternatives. 

2. Improve your business: We promote efficiency by digitizing your core operations, ascertaining your rent collection, sharing with you insightful industry data and info, and networking you with other stakeholders to improve your business prospects.

3. Lower your costs. 

Are you reliable?

Yes. We have been recognized internationally for our efforts by the Hague's Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL), which is a Dutch organization that promotes access to justice. 

Besides, we work with experts in the properties sector. Think of us as a channel: we are the course for you to reach what is best for your business. Actually handling of matters is done by experts, some already known to you.